Who we are?

We are Alexander and Kseniya (call us Sasha and Ksyu). We are young professionals from London. We got married almost 4 years ago and shortly after this special day we started our adventures.

We work as Software Engineers in London. This kind of work requires a lot of brain activity so we’re always trying to find something exciting to do outside office hours. Obviously we have regular “old-fashioned” hobbies like music and painting, but our biggest passion is travelling.

Generally, we invest most of our money into travelling. We can plan years of journeys ahead as there’s so many wonderful places to visit. Getting the most out of each trip is our rule of thumb. We can spend days on planning every destination, deciding on which places are worth visiting and which are not, reducing cost without affecting the itinerary etc. That’s why we have decided to create this blog where we can share with you our thoughts and help everyone to experience our excitement.

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