Brussels’ mixed style

Belgian capital is famous for having one of the biggest mixes of everything in Europe, losing, probably, just to London. People from different backgrounds and countries, multiple languages, various cuisines and architecture styles – this all makes Brussels an interesting destination to visit.

Sunny Easter in Marseille

Marseille has very controversial reputation among French cities, however its location beats most of the arguments. While the city doesn’t have that many things to offer, outdoors activities are fascinating and food scene will make any sophisticated gourmet satisfied.

St Patrick’s joy in Dublin

St Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland many centuries ago and now his day is probably the most celebrated patron’s day. Whether you’re planing to explore Irish culture or just want to join a cheerful crowd, this is probably the best time to visit Ireland.

Winter sports in Lapland

For many of us Finland is renowned for its saunas and once popular mobile phones. Lapland, the northern region, also claims to be home for Santa. Keeping old traditions, these days Finland becomes a gem full of natural beauties and winter sports experience.

Norway in a nutshell

This is a name of bestseller Norwegian tour that includes various types of transportation through most picturesque places in Norway – fjords. There’s plenty of options available for tourists. In our case we travelled from Bergen to Oslo with overnight stay in Flåm.